Please read before arriving to the salon: 

It is important when you come in for any lash treatment that your lashes and eyelids are clean- use an oil free cleanser the day of your appointment. If you are unable to cleanse your lashes ahead of time, arrive a few minutes early to your appointment and a cleanser can be provided.

Discontinue use of lash growth serums for two days before and after your treatment.  


Remove contact lenses before receiving any lash service. 

Do not use waterproof mascara two days prior to any lash treatment. 


Talking during lash services can cause your eyes to flutter/move, affecting the ability to properly place lashes and products. Feel free to bring earbuds to listen to your favorite podcast, or simply rest… lash naps are free with every appointment! 


After a lash extension service..

Avoid steam and water for 24 hours. 

Skip tanning for 24 hours.

Ways to keep your lashes fuller, longer:


Avoid saunas and excessive steam/heat.

Cleanse your lashes daily with a mild, oil-free product (such as baby shampoo) along with a gentle eye shadow brush.

Comb your lashes morning and evening.

Keep oil-based products away from the eye area. Oil breaks down the glue bond and results in faster shedding of extensions.

Do not use mascara or a lash curler with your extensions.

Sleep with a silk pillowcase to prevent friction. It’s better for your hair too!

Eyelash extensions are completely safe for your natural lashes when applied correctly- feel free to reach out with any questions or concerns!